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innovative product design meets creative yummy eats

  • We are thrilled to announce that we have opened the doors of our new concept store. At Miam.Miam Lounge, inspired by our award winning industrial designers’ original vision, we offer local small batch artisanal gelatos, microroasted organic coffee and ten various flavors of non-fat frozen yogurt served every day of the week. The concept store is located only 20 minute BART ride from downtown San Francisco, in the sophisticated Rockridge neighborhood, tucked in-between Berkeley and Oakland.

    We have developed original frozen yogurt recipes over a year long process, working with talented pastry chefs who cut their teeth at Tartine and Slanted Door in San Francisco, featuring scrumptious unique flavors such as kumquat, chai, and ginger. Sustainability, freshness and high quality is the core philosophy when comes to our tasty fare— we source fresh fruit toppings from local farms and hand pick them according to their ripeness. Not to mention, coffee is being roasted almost daily at the Blue Bottle facilities in Oakland.  

  • For the interior design of the Miam.Miam Lounge itself, we have pushed the limits of our craftsmen’s abilities by avoiding hard straight lines altogether, as the use of organic shapes takes form to compliment the Miam.Miam products. A total of thirteen designers have worked in the creation process of the 800 square feet space (which took over 12 months to build) — from custom wallpaper artwork, to blobject shelves, from swirling ceilings to swinging tables.

    Now you have a place to play with our latest product designs such as mugs, bowls, French presses, and learn about behind the scene stories of the designers and their inspirations. Come check out our concept and stimulate your senses with fresh flavors in a fluid environment.
    As always your feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • crepes

    or...make your own crepe

    crepe fixings
    The Pear-Choco Grilled pears, dark chocolate sauce w/ fleur de sel, sliced toasted
    almonds & almond whipped cream - Recommended Gelato | Chocolate Hazelnut
    The Maroon crumbled chestnut over chestnut paste, vanilla whipped cream – dark
    chocolate sauce - Recommended Gelato |Rum Raisin
    Strawberry Tiramisu fresh strawberries, chopped pistachios, Mascarpone mousse,
    strawberry coulis   - Recommended Gelato | Pistachio
    Peach Melba poached peach, raspberry coulis, vanilla whipped cream, toasted sliced
    almonds - Recommended Gelato | White Chocolate Coconut
    Thai Fusion grilled mango, honey, shredded coconut, jasmine whipped cream
    - Recommended Gelato | White Chocolate Coconut
  • Straus Organic Plain

    Blood Orange







    Yellow Cake Peach
    Peanut Butter
    Sour Apple

    Mix Berries



    Passion Fruit





    Panna Cotta

    Moscato Raisin

    Chocolate Chip

    Mint Chocolate Chip

    Chocolate Hazelnut



    Rum Raisin

    White Chocolate Coconut


    Panna Cotta


    Lemon Mint


    Giant Steps

    Decaf Noir

    Nossa Senora de Fatima

    Amaro Washed

    miam.miam strives to reduce unnecessary waste by offering biodegradable, compostable and recycleable products. Your coffee cup should self destruct in about 5 days.

investor/franchise info:


miam.miam lounge Inc.
5856 College Ave,
Oakland, CA 94618


510 658 1500
Email feedback@miammiamlounge.com
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